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Mechanical Engineer

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates · Architecture/Engineering
Job title :            Mechanical Engineer
Job Location :    Abu dhabi, UAE
Job Scope :
The jobholder would be assessing the structure carbody concerns due to integration of the new equipment in the context of the refurbishment, develop interfaces of interiors with the carbody, design the brackets, carbody interior design, material selection and developing structural interfaces.
Job Responsibilities:
  • Support the mechanical design team in order to ensure that the main constrains in terms of carbody structure are respected.
  • Assess the correct application of EN 12663, IUC 566, UIC 615 and UIC 515 in the context of the carbody and bogie structure assessment.
  • Assess the structure design in terms of Fire Barrier protection.
  • Review and approve the Mechanical Integration documentation which determine the design of the mechanical interface / fixing of the equipment with the carbody structure.
  • Produce relevant mechanical integration documentation (calculation notes, drawings, etc.) required by the project.
  • Assess the 3D models and FEM analyses conducted for mechanical integration matters.
  • Undertake the development of carbody 3D model of existing metro cars with structural details and interfaces. Being refurbishment works, re-engineering on the structures, models and interfaces would be an important responsibility.
  • Good knowledge of composites, panels, relevant standards.
  • Develop concept designs of the interiors including seats, flooring, ceilings, ducts, lighting systems, air conditioning system, draught screens, etc.
  • Develop industrial designs for presentation to customer.
  • Select suitable material by having wide range of knowledge on the cost-effective solution using the materials approved for being used in metro cars.
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  • Mechanical Engineering Degree (Bs / Ms)
  • should have at least 3 years’ experience in Oil & Gas
  • Good English communication skills (written / spoken)
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